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Aircraft Type: CESSNA GRAND CARAVAN C208B & C208B EX
Fleet Size: C208B - 4‚ C208B EX - 11
Average Age of Aircraft: < 5 Years
Passenger Capacity: 12 with 2 Pilots / 13 with 1 Pilot
Typical Payload: 1‚200 KG 2.5 hours flight 1.5 hours reserve
Payload with Max Fuel: 800 KG 5.5 hours of flight 1.5 hours reserve
Cargo Capacity: Approx 15 Cubic Meters
Cargo Door Dimensions: 1.27m x 1.27m


The entire fleet is maintained by HAWK Aviation Limited‚ which is based at Wilson Airport and is approved by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority‚ the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.

All licensed engineers in charge of maintaining the aircraft have attended aircraft type approved courses and have considerable practical experience. In addition‚ Auric Air employs aircraft technicians who liaise between the pilots and the maintenance facilities and coordinate refueling of the aircraft and their movement on the airport apron.


Auric Air operates under an Air Operators Certificate issued by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority who carries out a detailed annual audit of the company's operations and related documentation and also carries out ramp spot-checks.

Besides the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority‚ the company's flight operations department is audited annually by HART Aviation of Australia and also by the Flight Safety Foundation's BARS Program. The company currently holds GOLD Status on the BARS Program (Basic Aviation Risk Standard). Please click here to view our BARS Certificate.

Each Aircraft is equipped with optional extras for added‚ short field performance‚ bush airstrip capability & passenger comfort.


View our short A/V presentation below: