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Auric Air offers daily flights to Iringa.

Iringa: A Serene Southern Highlands Town in Tanzania

Iringa is a peaceful small town located in the southern highlands of Tanzania‚ in close proximity to Dodoma - the legislative capital of Tanzania and Morogoro - the agricultural centre of the country. This charming town is known for its regional agriculture and production‚ and its colorful market that offers a glimpse into traditional African culture. Iringa also overlooks the picturesque Ruaha River and is a popular stopover for tourists visiting Ruaha National Park.

Iringa has a rich historical background‚ serving as a center for colonial administration during the German occupation. The town was fortified by the German military to protect against Hehe tribal warriors who aimed to drive them out of the region. Gangilonga Rock‚ located just outside the town‚ is a legendary site where Chief Mkwawa met his people to plan their resistance against the Germans. The town was also a site of several battles during the First and Second World Wars and the Commonwealth War‚ and visitors can pay respects to the fallen soldiers at the graves located just outside of town.

Experience the tranquility and rich history of Iringa on your next trip to Tanzania.