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1. In this contract: “ticket” means a passenger ticket and baggage check‚ or in case of an electronic ticket the itinerary/receipt if applicable‚ of which these conditions form part; “carriage” is equivalent to “transportation”; “carrier” means all air carriers that carry or undertake to carry the passenger or his/her baggage here under or perform any other service incidental to such air carriage; “electronic ticket or e-ticket” means the itinerary/receipt issued by or on behalf of the carrier and if applicable‚ a boarding document; “Montreal Convention” means the convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed at Montreal‚ 28th May 1999 effective from 4th November 2003;

2. The liability of Auric Air Services Limited (Auric Air) in respect of carriage of passengers here under is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by Montreal Convention and to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Carriage by air regulations 2008.

3. Check-in counters close 20 minutes prior to Scheduled Departure Time at major airports and 15 minutes prior to Scheduled Departure Time at bush strips and other airstrips. Passengers failing to check-in on time will not be accepted for travel and will forfeit their ticket. Passenger will be marked as No-Show and will be liable for a No-Show fee. Auric Air reserves the right to allocate seats to standby passengers if ticketed passengers have not checked in 20 minutes prior to Scheduled Departure Time at major airports and 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time at bush strips and other airstrips. In such circumstances ticketed passengers who subsequently arrive will only be boarded if there are seats still available. It is the travelling passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have photo identity card to prove their identity while checking in. Auric Air’s Check-in staff have the right to deny boarding pass in an event of any suspicion. 

4. The total baggage allowance for each passenger‚ inclusive of hand baggage‚ cameras‚ filming equipment and any other personal item including loose clothing items‚ is 20kgs (44lbs) per passenger. Excess baggage will only be carried‚ at the sole discretion of the Captain of the aircraft‚ if the payload of the aircraft and/or space permits and will be charged at the prevailing rate for carriage of freight.

If passengers anticipate they will have excess baggage‚ we recommend below options:

- Excess Baggage are available in slabs of 10kgs.
- Excess baggage cost: $60.00 & $30.00 per slab
- Cost varies on the route/class booked.
- Maximum 4 slabs (40kgs) additional luggage can be booked per passenger.
- Excess baggage can be purchased online for all classes on all routes.

For more than 40kgs‚ a "freight" seat at a child fare to be booked‚ which will permit confirmed carriage of an extra 75kgs. Captain of the aircraft may weigh the bags at airstrips‚ excess baggage can only be allowed at the Captains sole decision based on aircrafts capacity. We accept suitcases‚ as long as they are withing the size limit.

5. Freight is strictly carried at the sole discretion of the Captain of the aircraft. It is responsibility of the owner to insure any freight‚ In the event the freight being lost or damaged during carriage‚ the Warsaw convention states that the Company’s liability is limited to a maximum of US $20 per kg. Damaged baggage will be considered on an individual basis depending on the extent of damage. Scratches or opened zips will not be considered. Auric Air has no responsibility whatsoever for any cash‚ credit cards‚ jewelry‚ cameras‚ computers or other valuables contained in checked baggage. 

6. Infant and Child Policy:
Infants under 2 years of age are carried free provided they do not occupy a seat.
Children aged 11 and under are carried at 75% of the adult base fare.

7. Carriage of Pets is not permitted on scheduled flights regardless of whether the animal is in airline-approved container.

8. For safety and security reasons‚ unaccompanied Minors under the age of 12 are not permitted. Infants under the age of 2 weeks cannot be accepted for travel.

9. All firearms or weapons MUST be declared upon check-in to relevant Government Authorities at major airports‚ or the pilot when departing from bush or other airstrips.

10. Auric Air undertakes to use its best efforts to carry passengers and baggage with reasonable dispatch reliability. However‚ the times shown on tickets and or on timetables form no part of the contract between Auric Air and the passenger. Auric Air reserves the right to change departure times and or carrier when so required for operational‚ weather or safety reasons. Auric Air reserves the right to either change timings or rebook passengers on alte;rnative carriers‚ which could include a time and or route change. Published Departure and Arrival times from and to bush airstrips may vary depending on number of stops on the day of the flight‚ final routing and flight planning is closed 24 hours prior to commencement of first leg of the flight. Times appearing on ticket are estimates calculated based on specific routing. Auric Air will do everything possible to make sure published arrival times at major airports are not disturbed.

11. In an event of a significant delay Auric Air will provide refreshments/meals appropriate to the length of delay. In an event the delay leads to an overnight then Auric Air will provide a maximum of USD 80 per passenger to cover over-night accommodation and meals. Auric Air will not have responsibility for any other direct or indirect costs resulting from the delay.

12. Reservations must be modified or cancelled at-least 48 hours before scheduled flight departure time. Fare difference may be applicable at the time of modification.

13. Confirmed tickets for flights on all sectors with exception of flights between Game Reserves‚ Conservation Areas and National Parks attract a penalty of 50% for cancellations or amendments within 48 hours of departure time and a penalty of 100% for cancellations or amendments within 24 hours of scheduled departure time. 100% Penalty is applicable for NO SHOW passengers.

14. Confirmed tickets for flights to and from National Parks‚ Conservation Areas and Game Reserves attract a penalty of 100% if cancelled or amended within 48 hours of departure time. 100% Penalty is applicable for NO SHOW passengers.

15. Once issued‚ tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. A ticket can be cancelled or amended within prescribed time as per (12) and (13) above. Auric Air does not have a refund policy. In an event of cancellation‚ the prepaid amount will be held as credit on account for future travel within six months from the date of payment. Credit on account can be transferred to another passenger by paying applicable credit transfer fee.

16. Confirmed charter cancelations will attract a charge of $1‚000 if the booking is canceled within 24 hours of departure time‚ subject to aircraft having not departed from the point of origin. If the aircraft has already departed from the point of origin in preparation for the booked/confirmed charter‚ a 100% cancelation fee applies.

17. For Private chartered flights quotations‚ the empty legs are shown for cost calculation purposes ONLY and are owned by Auric Air Services Ltd which might decide to position it's aircraft otherwise at the time of operation.

18. Auric Air reserves the right to revise Government taxes‚ Safety Fee‚ Fuel Surcharge as and when there is any amendments enforced by the Government.

19. All Auric Air flights are non-smoking flights.

20. Auric Air reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger or offload any passenger at any airport if in their sole discretion it is considered that:

  • Carrying the passenger might endanger the safety of the aircraft‚ crew or other passengers
  • The passenger is under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The passenger’s mental or physical state is a danger or risk to the aircraft‚ crew or other passengers
  • The passenger has refused to comply with a personal or security baggage check
  • The passenger has refused to comply with instructions related to safety or security from the crew or other authorized persons
  • The passenger has used threatening or abusive words or gestures to any Auric Air employee or to fellow passenger
  • The passenger has made any threat related to safety of the aircraft

21. In an event passenger with valid ticket and boarding pass is denied boarding for any operational reason on part of Auric Air‚ the passenger will be entitled to a Full Refund‚ a seat on next available flight or a seat on any other date.

22. Dangerous Goods and Restricted items cannot be carried on-board.

23. Auric Air operates fleet of light aircraft. On occasions a group may be required to split and fly on separate aircraft. Auric Air will always try to avoid splitting groups‚ however‚ this cannot be guaranteed. Due to restrictions on Maximum Take-off weight‚ baggage and weights are vital considerations for safe operation of aircraft‚ passengers may have to be weighed on certain occasions for flights out of short bush airstrips.

24. Whilst Auric Air has made every effort to ensure the information on its website is accurate and updated regularly‚ the use of any services or content is subject to availability or subject to price changes prior to confirmation of the services.

25. All claims for any event to be received in writing by the company within 7 days of its occurrence. Any claim or dispute is to be governed by the Court of Law of Tanzania.

26. Auric Air does not take responsibility for delayed or missed connections with other carriers.