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A visit to Tanzania almost always means going on a safari trip to view the world's most amazing wildlife animals.

Considered the best safari venue in the country‚ the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania‚ has some of the largest concentrations of African wildlife. The park welcomes almost a hundred thousand tourists every year.


A visit to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania‚ will give you the opportunity to view some of the most amazing animals in the world: lions‚ African leopards‚ African elephants‚ black rhinos and African buffalos.

It is said that this national park actually has the largest concentration of lions on the continent - approximately three thousand in all. The African leopards in the park‚ on the other hand‚ number about a thousand.


Other animals that you might come across are cheetahs‚ elands‚ gazelles‚ giraffes‚ African wild dogs‚ topi hyenas‚ impalas‚ and baboons.
Birds include ostriches‚ Kori bustards‚ crowned cranes‚ eagles‚ secretary birds‚ storks and a scattering of vultures and lovebirds.
Exploring the park also gives you plenty of opportunities to take as many pictures as you want.




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