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Rwanda‚ nestled between the classic safari locations of Kenya and Tanzania‚ offers visitors some of the world's best primate tracking‚ set against a backdrop of endless green landscapes and majestic mountain peaks.

With over half of the world's surviving mountain gorilla population‚ it's no wonder that most visitors come to Rwanda to track and see our critically endangered cousins. The fun-loving Sykes monkey‚ the Golden monkey‚ and the raucous chimpanzee in the Nyungwe Forest are just a few of the primates found in Rwanda.

Despite its traumatic past‚ Rwanda is a safe and welcoming destination‚ a monument to its people's fortitude. Rwanda offers a safari experience that is difficult to find anyplace else for those seeking a profoundly engaging safari.

Auric Air offers daily flights from the spectacular Wildlife of Serengeti to the Mountaint Gorillas of Rwanda

Booking condition:
Because we want you to have the option‚ and for us to guarantee the operation of the flight on Kigali route‚ the passenger limit for each booking to be on min four(4) passengers basis. Once the flight operates with min four(4) full paying passengers‚ The inducement seats purchased will be refunded accordingly